Dangerous & Secret Submission


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Orsi B.

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Run Time: 18 mins
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Pippa starts off the match smiling and chuckling with an air of supreme self-confidence…
but within moments that smile disappears as Orsi takes her down to the mats and puts her
lethal legs to work first with a grapevine then a bodyscissors and finally a chokehold.

L’Vinn battles back but it’s not clear this isn’t going to be a walk in the park for the
British legend as her Hungarian adversary shows that they can fight just as well in
Budapest as they do in Manchester!

After a long and grueling struggle between the two one grappler applies a hold that
actually drives her opponent unconscious! Afterward the winner admits she doesn’t
like to use that hold too often and when she does it’s usually just to weaken the
other girl. But in this instance her rival was too tough and stubborn to submit
until finally she passed out.

The Southern Belles is home to some of the best women’s amateur wrestling int he world
as this match so ably proves!