Desi is Unforgiving


Desi Derata vs. Skylar Rene

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Run Time: 16 mins
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Desi Derata doesn’t care if anyone likes her so long as they respect her. But that respect isn’t a two-way street in this one as she is openly derisive about her opponent Skylar Rene whom Desi scoffingly says she’s never heard of and she wonders if her opponent even knows how to wrestle.

That’s a valid question in the opening minutes of this match as Derata goes hard on the offensive causing Skylar to reel and struggle. It looks as if the contest will be over in no time…that is until Skylar gathers her wits and launches her counterattack. And suddenly it’s the “unknown” who has the much-vaunted pro in dire straits!

This one’s packed with terrific action as pro wrestler Desi battles grappler Skylar in this amateur bout. Of course we’re not sure how many amateur wrestling matches have one of the contestants tied up in the ropes but this one does!