Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover


Jennifer Thomas vs. Rapture

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Jennifer Thomas may be the new PGWA pro-wrestling Champion but she hasn’t turned her back on amateur grappling as this new Southern Belles bout amply proves.

Upon first seeing her opponent across the ring Jennifer could be forgiven if she perhaps wondered if accepting this match wasn’t a mistake. After all she gives up nearly half a foot a considerable weight to the physically imposing blonde Amazon Rapture. But once the contest begins any such thoughts are instantly banished by Jen and she goes all out to defeat her opponent.

The odds certainly seem against the Champ at first as Rhapsody’s tremendous strength gives her a powerful advantage coupled with the fact that she’s a talented submission grappler. But Jennifer knows her way around the weights as well and she packs a great deal of raw power in her compact frame. And of course Jen has long since proven her amateur skills. Soon she has her larger challenger reeling!

This is a tremendous contest culminating in one proud battler being overwhelmed by her adversary. Don’t miss it!