Fanning The Flames


Laken vs. Inferno

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Two popular battling beauties return to the Southern Belles mat as Laken and Inferno face off in a contest that fans have been dreaming of!

Both women are among Europe’s top amateur grapplers so pride is on the line here. And as the contest progresses it becomes obvious that these two have a serious dislike for one another.

They punish one another with head and body scissors arm and leg holds sleepers schoolgirl pins and more. At one point they painfully subject one another to simultaneous ankleholds each determined to force the other to submit. The end finally does come as one exhausted woman snares her rival in a full nelson/reverse grapevine hold that proves so agonizing the victim can’t help but swallow her pride and submit.

Then to further humiliate her beaten opponent the winner plants a boot on her and strikes a taunting victory pose.

This is some of the finest grappling action you’ll find anywhere… don’t miss it!