Tomiko vs. Frankie Z

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Run Time: 16 mins
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It’s awe-inspiring amateur grappling action from two new Southern (California) Belles as we venture to the West Coast to welcome the amazing Tomiko and Frankie to our mats!

Both are well known for pro wrestling but they also possess tremendous submission skills and each beautiful battler puts those skills to the test in this one. Of course neither is reluctant to throw some roughhousing tactics into this multi-fall bout!

The animosity flares up between them quickly as demonstrated when one of the wrestlers isn’t all that anxious to release her hold when her rival submits the first fall. And things only heat up from there!

Frankie and Tomiko employ quite a bit of crushing scissorwork here; at one point Frankie has her opponent in a headscissors but Tomiko simultaneously punishes her adversary with a body vise!

After a truly grueling struggle between the two one proud woman is forced to scream her submission or risk a broken leg! The winner taunts her beaten rival with “I guess this makes me the best” and further humiliates her by planting a boot on her stomach and flexing her arms in a victory pose! Needless to say the loser has vowed to get sweet revenge.

This is one of the most intense Southern Belles matches ever so don’t miss it!