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Tyler Dare vs. Amazon Annie

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Run Time: 22 mins
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Amazon Annie heads South from her home in New York to challenge Tyler on her own turf. That certainly takes a big dose of confidence but the towering blonde has already proven to Southern Belles fans that she has the power and the experience to back her ego up.

Redheaded Tyler knows full well she’s in for a tough challenge but she welcomes it. If there’s one thing she’s proven over the years it’s that she doesn’t back down from any threat…not even one with such a commanding size difference over her.

But as this best of three falls match unfolds in its opening minutes Tyler may just have started second-guessing herself; fans will bear witness to the rare sight of the redhead being dominated time and again by her opponent made to squirm and squeal and cry out in pain as Amazon Annie almost casually controls the first fall. Were it not for her stubborn Carolina pride Tyler might have been more willing to submit earlier on thus sparing herself much of the punishment. But minute after torturous minute she endures until she can take it no longer. Swallowing her pride she taps out and submits the opening fall.

More than a little thrilled with herself Annie does a little dance (taunting her opponent perhaps?). Then it’s on to Round Two which the blonde is more than confident she’ll command as well. But her scrappy adversary has other plans….

All fired up Tyler rushes Annie and in an incredible display of raw power manages to lift her larger rival up and then dump her unceremoniously to the mat! She then torments the blonde with a crushing headscissors Tyler’s boa-like legs squeezing much of the fight from her foe. As the fall wore on Annie managed to get some offense in but there was no denying that the redhead out-pointed her from start to finish… a finish that saw the New Yorker tapping out! The battle was now tied one fall apiece.

With everything riding on this third and final fall neither woman could afford to hold anything back. In an astonishing contest between two fantastic warriors they went at each other with brutal bodyscissors headlocks grapevines and more both pushed to their absolute limits of physical endurance. Ultimately one exhausted wrestler suffers the wrath of a Figure Four Headscissors and after valiantly struggling against it sadly realizes that her only alternative to creeping unconsciousness was to surrender the fall and the match.

Southern Belles fans can never get enough of Tyler and Amazon Annie made a HUGE impression in her recent debut so you just know this match is destined to be a classic. Add it to your collection today!