Josianne Shows Her Power


Josianne vs. Kristiana

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We realize we’re stretching the definition of “Southern” with this one as French Canadian Josianne takes on Italian Kristiana on the West Coast… but the match does take place in Southern California!

Blond Josianne gives up nearly half-a-foot and some ten pounds to her brunette opponent but she’s far from intimidated as this best of three submissions contest begins. Indeed the Quebec beaut√© immediately takes the fight to Kristiana aggressively looking to dominate from the very start. But the Italian bellezza is no novice and she’s ready to give her rival all the fight she can handle.

Kristiana manages to take the first hard-fought fall with a grapevine that threatens to rend the agonized blonde’s hamstrings. But Josianne is able to get her revenge and even the fight up when she forces the brunette to submit at the risk of having her arm broken!

By the third fall these two grapplers are consumed by aggression and contempt as they battle it out. One is seriously weakened by a series of illegal hammering blows to her back and ultimately is driven to whimpering her surrender as she’s trapped in a unique standing figure four headlock/armbar combo that leaves her in anguished helplessness! Once again the Southern Belles Club brings you the best in mat action featuring two of the sport’s most exciting women. Don’t miss this one!