Josianne Takes a Challenge


Josianne vs. Brooke

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Run Time: 21 mins
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The Southern Belles Club heads north of the border to Canada as fan favorite Josianne faces newcomer Brooke on the mats!

This is a 15 minute time limit submission-only bout (with only the first submission after the 15 minute mark counting) prior to which Josianne and Brooke do last-minute stretches. Josianne also tells the viewers with obvious respect in her voice that although her opponent has only been wrestling for a few months she’s proven to be very good.

However it’s the more experienced Josianne who takes control first taunting her adversary with “I’m just going to play with you” as she punishes her with a body vise and then an armlock. But brunette Brooke demonstrates just how talented she is by surprising her rival with a sudden headscissor flip to turn the tide!

The battling beauties pull out all of the stops in this one each determined to wring as many verbal submissions out of the other as possible.

Josianne as Belles fans well know is one of the sport’s greatest women but time and again Brooke proves herself to be more than a match for her.

Perhaps it’s this pricking of her pride that prompts Josianne to ramp up her punishment and to sadistically chuckle as her opponent gasps and groans in pain.

Finally once the time limit is reached the only submission that matters is fought for by the two of them. Ultimately one exhausted grappler manages to force the surrender under threat of dislocating her shoulder! With the battle over these two iron women can only lay on the mat gulping in air and gathering whatever strength they have left to stand up and share a respectful handshake.

Another great new Belle joins the club facing one of the all-time best… how could you possibly pass this one up?!?