Matted And Mauled


Josianne vs. Brooke

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Run Time: 16 mins
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A funny thing happened on the way to the pro wrestling match…!’
Josianne and Brooke are two of Canada’s most accomplished professional wrestlers. They’re also bitter rivals who compete not only in the ring but in virtually every facet of life. They were scheduled to square off in a PGWA GrudgeMatch but before the bell could ring they were trash talking each other and the boasts eventually got around to who the better amateur grappler is.

That did it! Both women immediately declared they were going to have an amateur submission bout instead so this became an unscheduled Southern Belles contest!

From the very start and as the match unfolds it becomes obvious that neither wrestler was exaggerating when she claimed to be a great grappler. Brooke and Josianne subject one another to a long list of agonizing often complex submission holds. Fueled by their personal animosity they torment one another with maneuvers that would have long before driven lesser fighters to submit!

This is a tremendous contest between two magnificent wrestlers and if you miss this one you’ll just hate yourself later!