More Competition Than You Can Handle


Tyler Aria vs. Sarah Brooke

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Run Time: 19 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 365
Video Quality: 720p


Tyler Aria and Sarah Brooke both make their long-awaited returns to the Southern Belles mat and each is supremely confident that she’ll beat the other!

For many minutes they battle to a virtual stalemate neither able to hold the advantage for long over the other. Each wrestler is an expert at using her whole body as a weapon with arms and legs acting in concert to trap and punish an opponent.

With each woman giving it her all it isn’t long before they’re covered in sweat and panting for breath as they push themselves to their limits.

And then suddenly the stalemate is ended as one battler seizes command of the battle and for the remainder of the match traps twist torques and otherwise torments her rival until finally one overwhelmed beauty is unable to continue and she must submit!

This one features tremendous action that you won’t want to miss!