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Amazon Annie vs. Veve Lane

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Run Time: 21 mins
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More fresh faces among our battling Belles! This match marks the Southern Belles debuts of two of the top amateur grapplers in the sport today Amazon Annie and VeVe Lane!

And Amazon Annie certainly lives up to her name at a towering 6’0″ and 200 lbs! At 5’4”” and 120 lbs VeVe gives up a lot of size to her opponent but she seems to more than make up for it with determination and drive!

Lots of rough and tumble action in this one as these two longtime rivals pull out all of the stops in their quests to win this 2 out of 3 falls submission battle. (And the stops aren’t all that get pulled out… one beauty has a clump of hair ripped from her scalp!)

And this one goes all three falls… but don’t think at first you can tell who wins the final fall; while one woman is being pinned down to the mat she manages to snake her legs up and lock a scissors onto her opponent and it becomes a race to see who can make the other tap out first!

Outstanding and fast-paced action make this match a real keeper and after seeing it you’ll be clamoring for more Amazon Annie and VeVe Lane in the Southern Belles Club!