Outsider Stepping In


Hazel vs. Ashley Wildcat

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Run Time: 18 mins
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Not one but TWO spectacular Southern Belles debuts as Hazel squares off for the very first time ever with Ashley Wildcat!

Hazel has the definite advantage in size and raw power but Ashley is confident that her greater speed and experience will allow her to prevail. What unfolds is a fast-paced and highly physical contest. Both punish the other with crushing scissors and figure 4 headscissors their steely legs inflicting brutal punishment time and again.

Ultimately one grappler manages to take control of the bout and she ruthlessly targets her opponent’s legs in order to neutralize them as weapons. Feet and ankles are twisted knees are wrenched and slammed into the mat inner thighs are stomped and hamstrings are dangerously strained! The embattled victim fights back tears as her magnificent legs are soon left limp and useless demolishing any hope she has of victory. Finally she can endure it no longer and she submits.

This is a tremendous battle between two beauties whom Belles fans have been clamoring for!