Practice, Practice, Practice


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Raven

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Run Time: 12 mins
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The Blackbirds are back with their second practice video. This time Pippa and Raven work to improve their scissoring skills. And rest assured they won’t quit until they’ve honed their legs into head and body crushing vises!

Holding back nothing in their sparring sessions the tag partners brutally punish one another. The objective isn’t to simply apply a good scissors… they want the woman trapped between those legs to be able to endure the pain while seeking out a means of escape.

And while they may be partners they’re also two exceptionally prideful warriors and neither one is particularly keen on being shown up by the other. So their contest grows more competitive until ultimately they lock one another in dual headscissors each demanding in pained gasps that the other submit!

The Blackbirds have already proven themselves to be a potent force in women’s amateur grappling and they might very well dominate tag grappling in the Southern Belles Club for a long time to come…that is if they don’t cripple each other in their practice sessions first!