Punish Her!


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Blaze

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Run Time: 18 mins
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Sometimes you need to impart a lesson. Sometimes you need to send a message. And sometimes you just need to be mean for the hell of it. Guess which one describes this match?

Blaze is an exciting new talent in the amateur ranks eager to test her skills against the veteran Pippa. But L’Vinn just isn’t interested in a challenging contest today. She stepped into the ring in a bad mood and she aims to take it out on the newcomer!

And so she does subjecting poor Blaze to an amazing array of tough… and increasingly agonizing… holds. She makes the moaning youngster her personal rag doll twisting bending and torquing the poor girl’s body in ways nature most definitely never intended!

To her credit for many long anguished minutes Blaze refuses to submit and she even gets some offense in. But ultimately Pippa L’Vinn will not be denied her win. This is as brutal a one-sided match as we’ve ever seen in the Southern Belles. But even as you’ll wince in sympathy pain with Blaze you’ll marvel at her courage. And even in defeat she defiantly demands a rematch with her tormentor. Don’t miss this one!