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Pippa L’Vinn vs. Amazon Annie

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Run Time: 21 mins
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America’s Amazon Annie… all six feet of her… ventures across the Atlantic to challenge Pippa L’Vinn to a multi-fall amateur match!

Victory can be achieved with either a submission or by holding your opponent down for a ten count pin. After Annie manages to pin Pippa for a fall the Brit is obsessed with getting a ten count on her adversary forgoing… perhaps foolishly… opportunities to make the blonde submit in order to try and hold the powerhouse down to the mat for ten seconds.

There are incredible submission moves in this one and Annie uses her size and strength to vex her rival time and again while Pippa often relies of her speed and agility to seize the upper hand.

Amazon Annie makes her return to the Southern Belles at last taking on one of the finest amateur grapplers in the world. How can you possibly miss this one?!?