The Blackbird vs. The Kenyan Queen


Raven vs. Naiirobii

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Run Time: 17 mins
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In her pre-match remarks, Raven declares that she’s “unbeatable”… and as Southern Belles fans of late know that’s a true statement as Raven has torn through some of the best of Britain’s grapplers and emerged victorious each time.

But Naiirobii hailing from her namesake city in Kenya has been wrestling all around the world making a point of taking on so-called ‘unbeatable’ women and thus far the Amazonian African is likewise undefeated. She laughingly promises to add Raven to her list of beaten adversaries.

Special referee Pippa L’Vinn knows she’ll have her hands full in this one and that’s swiftly proven as both wrestlers prove their prowess. Both Naiirobii and Raven seem surprised by how powerful the other is and each also painfully discovers how lethal their scissors are.

The contest threatens to spiral out of control as ref Pippa has to repeatedly restore order. And then comes the tumultuous finish which settles nothing and makes it clear that these two grapplers are destined to battle one another again someday!