The Toughest Challenge


Tyler Dare vs. Shelby Beach

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Run Time: 20 mins
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This is it do or die for Tyler! If she can’t beat Shelby then she won’t get a shot at Pippa L’Vinn… and Shelby’s bound and determined that the American will fall to her! “Submit or suffer” is Beach’s motto and there’s plenty of suffering had by both wrestlers as they struggle to make the other submit in this multi-fall bout. There’s intense body-on-body combat as Shelby and Tyler subject each other to a dazzling array of increasingly painful holds.

After a tremendous contest we can report that Tyler does win. But even as she celebrates Pippa herself arrives and declares that she’s adding a new stipulation: before the American can get the Brit in her long-desired one-on-one she has to beat L’Vinn and her partner Raven in an amateur tag match!

Shelby immediately volunteers to be Tyler’s partner but Pippa knowing that the blonde bombshell is already booked for a pro match the following day insists the tag match must happen then. L’Vinn is very pleased with herself convinced that Dare must either face her and Raven in a handicap match or else go back home to America without ever 4getting her match with Pippa.

But just then….

Lisa Fury enters having overheard the conversation and she happily offers to team with Tyler. Pippa is beside herself with anger telling the blonde to mind her own business. But Lisa merely smiles and says to the brunette “I’m not doing this to help her… I’m doing this to not help you!”

And thus the stage is set for what promises to be a titanic tag team battle. And only if Tyler triumphs there will she at long last get to face Pippa L’Vinn on the mats.