Too Stubborn To Give Up


Pippa L’Vinn vs. Tyler Dare

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Run Time: 16 mins
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For many fans their previous encounter (SB #125) is perhaps the most epic Southern Belles match ever. And as impossible as it may seem this confrontation may be even greater!

In the moments before the match both combatants are literally tingling with electricity.

Each woman is at her peak physically and determined to drive her rival into total defeat.

Legs serve as both weapons and targets in this one as two of the most powerful sets of stems in amateur grappling are set against each other. Feet ankles knees and thighs are twisted bent stretched and stomped to an almost inhuman degree. Still despite the brutal punishment both wrestlers endure neither contemplates submission for even a bare second!

After one of the most grueling contests ever one beauty must finally drive her opponent into unconsciousness knocking her out in order to claim the victory! But even as she succumbs to the inky darkness the loser strains to somehow miraculously come back!

An awe-inspiring battle between two of the all-time greats!