Triple Turmoil


Jennifer Thomas vs. Sarah Brooke vs. Hazel

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Any two of these women squaring off against one another would make for a thrilling contest. But add a third combatant and we have the makings of something truly amazing!

This is Sarah’s Southern Belles debut and she intends to make her mark by “kicking some ass”… a threat/promise which Jennifer and Hazel both pledge as well.

The two newcomers tear into each other and the wily Jennifer wisely steps back and lets them go at it occasionally stepping in to help turn the tide from one girl to the other. And Hazel and Sarah are nothing short of brutal as they work each other over! Finally after her opponents have battered one another to the point of exhaustion Jennifer steps in and utterly dominates them both.

This match is action-packed with everything from camel clutches bow & arrows and body scissors foot stomps choking and rope work! With these three beautiful battlers this melee can barely be contained within the confines of the ring!