USA vs Canada


Tyler Dare vs. Mutiny

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Run Time: 27 mins
File Size (MB/GB): 237
Video Quality: 480p


Two of the very best meet on the mats for the very first time! It’s a true international incident as Tyler from the U.S. battles Canada’s Mutiny… and as the announcer says “Let the war begin!”

Longtime fans of Southern Belle Tyler will take note of her attitude change…success seems to have made her cockier and as the fight progresses more vicious. Does that give her an edge? Well Mutiny has faced plenty of vicious opponents before and triumphed.

From the very start both women are extremely aggressive and this is a very physical match right though until the end. Indeed even as both near the point of total exhaustion they continue to push themselves in their efforts to punish the other. Mutiny and Tyler use their whole bodies as weapons as they battle on and on!

This finally comes to a bitter end for one beauty when trapped in a devastating Bodyscissors/Sleeperhold combo she is finally driven into defeat. The winner not satisfied with victory alone gives her fallen foe a contemptuous kick!

This download includes both pre and post-match interviews with the two combatants and after the battle the loser is determined to follow her rival anywhere in order to get a rematch and revenge!

You won’t want to miss this rare Belles match in a pro ring featuring two of the most skilled women in the sport today!