Jenna Gets the Axa!


Axa vs. Jenna

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Run Time: 20 mins
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These two pretty ladies are new to the Southern Belles Wrestling Club. Both show lots of sportsmanship during the match and newcomer Jenna holds her own against the more experienced blonde Axa.

Each wrestler seems to get her share of submissions out of the other and perhaps you can count them! There are lots of scissor holds armbars school girl pin attempts and each counter their opponent by escaping by getting a shoulder up or bridging out. There is lots of spirited wrestling and each one seems pleased with their competitiveness.

Jenna shows lots of promise as an amateur grappler. Axa’s experience grinds her down but Jenna keeps coming back. At one point in the match there is a double body scissors that will have YOUR ribs hurting. One Belle is asked to submit or be knocked out. You’ll be surprised at the punishment one of these beauties takes.

Add these two popular Southern Belle wrestlers to your roster of favorites.