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Tomiko vs. Sarah the Rebel

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Many pro wrestlers assume that they would be equally adept at amateur grappling. Of course many of them are wrong but they don’t learn that until they try. And until they do try some dismissively tend to not consider amateur wrestling to be anything truly difficult or demanding.

And for actual amateur wrestlers this attitude is infuriating for obvious reasons. So when a pro takes a whirl at grappling it isn’t unusual for their amateur style opponent to want to teach them a lesson or two.

Sarah the Rebel is the latest pro to give it a go. Now we should stress that Sarah has never been the kind of pro who is dismissive of amateur wrestling.

Indeed she’s always been highly respectful of the sport. And she trained hard for this bout in order to do her very best.

But Tomiko doesn’t really care about that. She wants to send a message to all pros who dare to enter her realm and she aims to use Sarah to send it. So while the pro stepped into this expecting a clean technical match wily veteran Tomiko not only gives her a highly technical contest but also adds some elements of hardcore brawling like closed fist punches and and blatant chokes!

But Sarah proves she knows a thing or two about grappling and these two battlers stretch and twist each other in agonizing holds! Neither is willing to submit and ultimately one must knock out the other in order to win!

If you’re an aficionado of grappling we invite you to view this to witness a professional wrestler giving as good as she gets. And if you’re a pro fan who never made much time for amateur matches because you thought they lacked the fierce intensity of the pro stuff then take a look at this and get yourself educated!