Meet Sheena: Mat Dominator


Lisa Fury vs. Sheena

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Run Time: 17 mins
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For months now multiple fans who follow European grappling had been contacting us with just one message: Bring Sheena to the Southern Belles! The blonde battler is a dominant force on the Continent And the very thought of pitting her against some of our leading Euro-Belles is just too tantalizing to dismiss!

For her Belles debut we’ve chosen to put her up against Lisa King not just because Lisa is an excellent all-around grappler but also because these two women possess two pairs of the finest most lethal legs in all of wrestling! And they put their sculpted stems to good use in this one!

After a grueling contest that displays both beauties at their battling best one woman finally manages to drive her rival to swallow her pride and submit or else risk the ignominy of being strangled unconscious!

The fabled Sheena makes a big splash in her Belles debut and you won’t want to miss it!