Reaching For Greatness


Orsi B. vs. Pippa L’Vinn

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Run Time: 17 mins
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Heeding the demands of the fans Orsi B returns to the Southern Belles to challenge none other than Pippa L’Vinn!

Proving she’s a serious threat to the veteran L’Vinn Orsi manages to draw a submission from the Brit in barely more than a minute thanks to the devastating power of her legs which threatened to snap Pippa in half as they tightened around her midsection! But the English beauty swiftly evens things up by forcing the Hungarian to tap out the second fall a minute later.

And the action grows even wilder from there! These are two of the best amateur grapplers in all of Europe their limbs honed as lethal weapons. They squeeze crush twist choke and maul one another with savage abandon forgoing language as they communicate with animalistic grunts and growls. The struggle rages for a blistering 17 minutes as each wrestler pushes herself to her physical limits…and beyond.

With each submission the winner of the fall laughs at the weakness of her rival only to have the other fighter roar back with renewed fury for the next fall. Finally after a superb battle one woman claims supremacy over the other.

This one is sure to go down in the history books as one of the very best Belles matches ever… so don’t you miss it!